Living the Green Life!



Recycling is all about saving energy and space. Have you ever driven past a landfill? And you’ve probably never seen a trash incineration plant. Landfills and trash plants harm the environment and are used because people throw all their trash away in one can. Separating metal from plastic from glass is simple and it makes a big difference. It’s an easy way to start living green and protecting the environment for the future. Start by checking with your city to see if they have a recycling program.

Organic Living

Organic Living

The next step to a green lifestyle is to start supporting organic efforts. Farms and other manufacturers are making a move towards organic products. These products often cost more to produce and sometimes cost more at the grocery store, but are often the healthiest. Organic farmers don’t use chemicals or synthetic steroids on animals or plants. Crop rotation in practiced and the environment is protected. By buying organic products, you will eat heathier and support these responsible and sustainable farming practices.

Carpooling and Energy

Carpooling and Energy

Is cash a little tight? Why not carpool? You’ll notice an instant effect on your wallet but the effect you may not see is on the environment. Take advantage of company initiatives for carpooling, or do it simply because you care about the environment. Support efforts of politicians and companies that advocate green energy such as solar and wind farms. If you have the means, install this technology in your own home to cut down on energy consumption and bills.

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